Spending, Socialising and Saving…


For my first post I want to give you a small insight into my spending habits, social life and thoughts on saving. Hopefully, this will give you an idea of the bargains and deals I’ll be sharing in the future!

I really enjoy spending, I just don’t like spending a lot. Those of you who know me are fully aware that if you compliment my outfit, bag, hair or make up, I’ll usually thank you then tell you how much of a bargain it was. One such bargain purchase I am particularly proud of is a pair of red, vintage style, peep toe shoes. I found them on http://www.everything5pounds.com which meant they were already a bargain price at just £5! I wasn’t stopping there though, I had a voucher code for one free item with no minimum spend; all I paid was £3.95 for the postage! When the shoes arrived I was absolutely thrilled. The quality, fit and look of them was amazing! They definitely didn’t look like they cost £3.95, they could easily have cost ten time that! If you’ve never visited everything5pounds, have a look, you might be pleasantly surprised at some of the fabulous items you can find. Get £5 off your first purchase using this link: http://share.everything5pounds.com/x/ahREIM

My thrifty ways often carry over into my social life; I regularly use Groupon and tastecard as well as keeping my eye out for promotions at some of my favourite places. A deal I’ve recently found is run by Village Hotels, they have a promotion called ‘Burger Me Fridays’ at their on site pub-restaurant called The Public House. The deal gets you a beef burger for £1 with any beverage purchase, you can also add fries for £1, double up your burger for £1 and add toppings from 75p. It’s brilliant! The Public House at my local Village Hotel in Bury has a really relaxed atmosphere usually playing up to date chart music (unless the footy is on) and the food never disappoints. Want to know more: http://www.village-hotels.co./offers/food-and-drink/burger-me/

Finally, saving. I really, REALLY, like saving! It might sound sad, but for a few years now I have been paying off various debts and saving as much money as I possibly can. The reason? To buy my first house with my partner Shane – after six years of privately renting we are ready to buy somewhere to call our own. Despite earning a modest wage, I am proud to say that I am debt free and about a year away from finally getting onto the property ladder! My thrifty, bargain hunting ways have helped me to accomplish this whilst still being able to do and buy what I want.

I hope that I’ve piqued your interest enough for you to subscribe to my blog. If not, give me a chance, try some of my cheap days out, bargain buys or purse friendly recipes and I can guarantee you’ll soon be hooked. Before you know it you’ll be a savvy saver and thrifty spender too!

Thrifty Clair x

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