Cushelle 4 pack for just £1


You can get a Cushelle quilted four pack of toilet roll for £1 using free coupon at selected Asda stores.

The coupons are available at Asda cash machines, this will be advertised on screen at the machine, to get a voucher simply print a balance receipt. You don’t need to withdraw any cash and you can request as many balance slips as you like.

The coupons are valid until April 5th and can be used on any size pack. It works out best to use them on the smaller packs which are currently £2 at my local Asda in Bury (although has them listed at £2.15 which is still a good price after the £1 discount).

I’m going to stock up and get as many packs as I can, at £1 a pack it’s well worth it.

Happy Sunday,

Thrifty Clair x

3 thoughts on “Cushelle 4 pack for just £1

  1. Thanks for sharing, Clair. I’ll try any Asda I’m passing. I remember getting free oven chips with a cash machine voucher. Checked my balance tons of times.ha . Best thing is- no dispute with the coupon instore, as they’ve generated it. Great spot, thanks for the info, and hope house buying going well!

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    1. I’ve just used mine and they didn’t go through properly but customer services sorted it. I’ve now got 32 loo rolls for £8! House journey is going well, lots of info in the post I shared yesterday 😊


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