Exclusive Buxom Beauty Event!


Last night I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive Buxom Cosmetics event at Debenhams in Bury. You might be wondering how this fits into money saving when Buxom are a premium brand, continue reading to find out…

As a money saver you’d think I’d go for cheap makeup – and sometimes I do! However, sometimes its worth investing in some more premium products that will last longer and look better. The way I make sure I am getting the right product for me is trying free samples. If you’ve read my post: Beauty on a Budget you’ll know how much I love free beauty products. They’re such a good way for me to find out what I like and what I don’t without wasting money. Once I know what I like I can look at purchasing a full sized version; I tend to use money earned from paid surveys or receipt upload apps to treat myself to things like this or even better, I put them on my birthday or Christmas list.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 18.14.49


A few months ago I was in my local Debenhams and I got chatting with Beth – the Buxom Beauty Consultant – she gave me loads of free samples from her counter and a few others. On another visit I was chatting to her and she mentioned doing a private event to demonstrate the range of products and I jumped at the chance! Beth planning the event and my job was to invite a selection of my work colleges. My good friend Freebeewitch also got an invitation as she is often my go to Beauty Bargain guru. We weren’t 100% sure what to expect but we were all excited for it as the event was absolutely free.

We arrived at Debenhams and were invited upstairs to a conference room where the table was full of Buxom goody bags containing lots of free samples, a platter of chocolate nibbles and glasses for some complimentary prosecco! One of my work colleagues kindly offered to be the model for the evening and Beth gave her a Christmas party theme – shimmery makeup look. All products that were used were explained to us by Sally who is also a Buxom makeup artist from the Manchester branch of Debenhams.


During the tutorial we got to learn about how to apply products, which products and colours work best for different skin tones and we also got to try out the different items. It was great seeing the products being used and how they looked when applied correctly. Usually I would just go in to store and pick a colour I like without thinking how it would look on my skin tone or if it was the right type of product for me. Hearing about the different products helped me to find the products that would work best for me. A fab new product I learnt about is these Power Plump Lip Balms; they react to the PH of your skin meaning the colour adapts to your skin and looks different on each person.


After the makeover was finished – and I’d polished off three glasses of prosecco – we were invited down to the beauty hall where we were able to try out more of the products from the Buxom range. Both Beth and Sally were on hand to help advise and apply the makeup. We were also invited to the Bare Minerals counter (which are a sister brand to Buxom) where we were given a sample pot of Bare Minerals foundation or tinted moisturiser that matched our skin tone.

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 18.24.49DSC_6136.JPGDSC_6139.JPG

We were also invited to book free consultations and makeovers with Beth. Lots of us booked in for our works Christmas do meaning each of us will have fab makeup look on the evening FOR FREE!! This is something that is offered by all Buxom counters free of charge and there’s no pressure to buy a product. However, there is a chance you’ll want to buy everything in there!

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 17.33.07

During the evening we were also shown the Buxom Christmas gift range that is available in store and online exclusively at Debenhams. I picked up a gift set for £39, again that might seem the opposite of Thrifty but here is what makes it such a fab deal. The set contains 12 mini products so rather than gifting the set to one person, I am going to split it into four separate gifts containing three products in each. The items in the set are worth £84 based on the price per ml of the full sized versions so they already work out less than half of the retail price! The mini gifts are around half the size of full size versions so they’ll not only last long they’re perfect handbag size. Splitting up a gift set up into mini stocking filler gifts or to go as part of a mini hamper gift is a great way to treat friends and family to premium products on a budget. I’ve got gifts for four friends for less than £10 each!

Screenshot 2018-10-24 at 18.26.53


To recap the event, I spent £39 during the whole evening and I had: 3 glasses of prosecco, some yummy chocolates, got a goody bag containing 5 perfume samples, a sample size Buxom Big Tease mascara, a pot of Bare Minerals Barepro foundation and a sample size Buxom Plump up the Volume lipstick. I also got Christmas gifts for four friends plus i’m booked in to have my makeup done for my works Christmas party for FREE! Not only that, I’ve found some fab new products I love and also learnt how to create fab makeup looks.

If you ever get the chance to attend an event like this then do it! It’s such a fab way to learn about brilliant brands and Debenhams often run events like this – I was just lucky enough to be involved in helping to organise this one. Both Beth and Sally said that as a brand they welcome people going to their counters to ask for free advice and help with products and makeup queries. It can be scary going to some brands but the Buxom brand is so friendly and positive that I urge you to pop to your local counter at some point soon.

I am completely sold on Buxom as a brand after seeing how well their products work; they’ve only been in the UK just over a year but already they’re getting the word out about their brilliant products. I’ll definitely be picking up a full size version of the Big Tease mascara and keeping my freebie for going in my bag on nights out. Remember, being Thrifty isn’t always about buying cheap; sometimes it is about buying quality items that work well and that will last long.

Happy Shopping,


Thrifty Clair x

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