For all the Thrifty Doggos out there – a FREE pack of Wagg treats

Coupons and Cashback


It’s not just me that’s Thrifty, Poppy is too. She loves a good dog friendly freebie and I am loving this one too!

Wagg are running a competition for chance to win a years supply of free Wagg dog food. When you enter, you get a coupon sent to your email address that entitles you to a free pack of Wagg treats. You can enter and claim your coupon HERE

The treats are currently £1 a pack in Tesco and some are on offer for 80p in Asda. Coupons can only be printed once as they’re unique to your email address and they are valid until March 28th.

You can enter the competition with different email addresses if you wanted multiple coupons. For example, both Shane and I have entered so we have two. It does say one per transaction so we’ll just put one pack of treats through on their own.

If you don’t have a dog, you could still enter and donate the freebie to a local animal shelter or gift to a friend with a pet.

Yappy couponing,

Thrifty Clair x


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