An Absolut Bargain!

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I love a bit of deal stacking and these offers allow you to get a bottle of Absolut Vodka Juice Edition – Strawberry for just £6.50 rather than the usual price of £16! Here’s how…

Absolut Vodka Strawberry Juice Edition is usually £16 a bottle but it is currently on offer for £11 at Tesco. Checkoutsmart have an offer that allows you to claim £4.50 back per bottle! What’s even better is you can claim the cashback up to five times meaning you could get five bottles of this vodka for just £6.50 each!

Obviously no one needs five bottles of vodka, but if you’re like me and you have a stockpile of gifts in a cupboard, then this is a fab way to add to it. You could just pick up one for making fancy cocktails at home, I love to do DIY cocktails so this will be perfect for some summery creations.

These could also be perfect for anyone who is planning a wedding – just like me. They could be used as part of a DIY bridesmaids box or be given as thank you gifts. If you’re venue allows you to provide your own alcohol then these would be brilliant for making a signature cocktail with juice and some summer fruits or even put on tables with a selection of mixers.

If this deal is for you, check to see if you have any Clubcard vouchers as you could potentially save even more money. I often have coupons for something like £5 off £50 or £4 off £40. It’s all about stacking the deals for maximum savings!

It is important to remember that this deal is only worth it if this is something that you would usually buy or if it is the sort of thing you would usually give as a gift. If you have any questions about cashback apps, feel free to ask in the comments as I’m always happy to help.

Happy Deal Stacking,

Thrifty Clair x

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