Beyond Best Before, Do You Approve?

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Be honest, would you use something that was past its best before date? If you said no, I’m here to try to convince you otherwise. Not only is this a fab way to save money, it’s a way to reduce waste and a way to get the most out of products that are still absolutely fine to use!


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Think about it, the words tell you everything you need to know, the product is best before that date but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used beyond this date. Unlike a ‘Use By’ date – when things like fresh meat absolutely have to be used by to prevent food poisoning – a best before date is a guide to freshness and quality, not and indication of when a product is no longer safe to use.


If you have ever wondered why people go mad for yellow sticker items, this is why. Vegetables, bread, cheese and the like last well beyond the best before dates printed on the packing. Lets not forget, if you buy produce from a greengrocer, a farmers market or if you grow your own, it doesn’t come with a best before date. You trust your sight, touch and smell and judge that a carrot is still edible or that potato can still be used. So why does a date stamped on a bag change that? In fact, some companies have scrapped best before dates on fruit and veg altogether!


It’s not just fresh food that comes with best before dates either, lots of tins, packets and jars have best before dates on them too. Even cleaning products and toiletries have them on! I ignore these dates completely now and just trust my own judgement. If you follow me on Instagram you might notice that I often cook with ingredients that are past their best before date and I always make a point of stating this because food waste in the UK is crazy – over seven million tonnes a year is thrown away due to food being past its best before date!


One company trying to help combat this is Approved Foods, I was lucky enough to work with them a few months ago. Their aim is to reduce waste by selling surplus and short dated stock at low prices which is a winner for the environment and consumers. They sent me a huge box of goodies – most of which was near, on or past its best before date and all of it was absolutely fine, I still have a couple of items in the cupboards that I will still use despite being past the best before. The goods in the box had an RRP of £115, the Approved Food price was just £50 including delivery. My haul included: dog biscuits, toilet roll, popcorn, chopped tomatoes, drinks, curry sauces, condiments, Zoflora and loads more.


They have over 2000 products and sell everything from kitchen cupboard essentials, alcohol, a whole range of sweet treats to designer fragrances! My absolute favourite items were all the snack and treats and I am planning on using Approved Food to buy all the goodies for our snack bar at our wedding in October. It will save us money and has the added bonus of having everything delivered to our house rather than having to go to the supermarket in the days leading up to our big day.


Those of you who have followed me for a while know I love a deal but love a stack deal even better, so a brilliant way to save further with Approved Food is to do a bulk family or household order. That way, you can order a bigger box and split the cost of delivery or even better, spend over £55 to get free delivery. This would be ideal for those living in a house share or those wanting to stock up on just a few items. If you want to place an order with Approved Food, you can use my discount code: THRIFTY10 for and extra 10% off. This code is valid until 03/08/19 and requires a minimum spend of £30.


I hope I have encouraged you to reconsider your thoughts on best before dates. Of course, you don’t have to shop at Approved Food to reduce waste, you can do it by simply using up what you have in your kitchen and keeping your eye out for yellow sticker bargains. Approved Food are just one company doing their bit to reduce waste but we can all do our own little things. Let me know what you do in the comments below or over on my social media pages.

Thrifty Clair x

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