I sometimes use affiliate links, discount codes, referral schemes or share Ads in my posts. I will always indicate if a post contains any type of link or code that will generate income for myself by linking back to this page and using appropriate hashtags to highlight the disclosure.

What is an Affiliate link?

If you click on an affiliate link through to a retailers website and make a purchase, I will receive commission.

What is an Ad?

An ad is an advertisement on behalf of a brand or company. If I am sharing an Ad it is likely I have been paid or gifted something in order to create the content.

What is a Discount Code?

If you use a ThriftyClair specific discount code, I might receive commission though this isn’t always the case.

What is a Referral?

If you use a referral code or link I share, I might receive bonus points, credit or payment for that specific website, app or scheme.

Additional Information

There are no additional costs to you for using codes, referrals or links that I share and equally, there is no obligation for you to use them.

I always encourage people to check with friends and family in case they have referral links and to check online for better discounts first.

Again, at no time do I expect people to buy items I have advertised but the option is there if you wish.

I only ever promote goods and services that I would buy and use myself and of course things that actually save money. I turn down paid opportunities to if they do not that fit with the Thrifty Clair brand.