This month I am going to be focusing on how you can save money with non-branded items. I’ll be doing a series on posts on here and over on my Instagram account, I’d love for my followers to get involved so below you’ll find some of the things i’ll be focusing on this month for #NonBrandedNovember…

Here are some of the topics I will be sharing posts on for #NonBrandedNovember

  • The best non-branded products to swap to.
  • Aldi dupes.
  • Non-branded cleaning products that actually work.
  • What branded item will you never swap/can’t live without?
  • The best non-branded toiletry products.
  • Is it worth spending more on branded pet food and products?
  • Why are a lot of own brand toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products animal friendly when a lot of the big brands aren’t?
  • Non-branded medicines and tablets that cost a fraction of the branded version.
  • Why some supermarkets changed their ‘Value’ ranges to own brand labels like ‘Willow Farm’.
  • When buying non-branded actually costs more.
  • Where to buy branded items for less.
  • Branded verses non-branded baby products.

If you want to share anything on any of the following topics, get in touch by emailing me at or send me a private message on Instagram.

If any of my fellow bloggers have any blog posts that would be perfect for this, let me know and I’ll link to it. If anyone would like to do a guest blog post for any of the topics or one of your own relating to it, that would be fantastic too!

You can also get involved by using the hashtag #NonBrandedNovember

Thrifty Clair X


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