If you’re finding yourself forgetting what day it is, eating leftover chocolates in place of meals and watching endless amounts of TV, then this list of tips might be just what you need!

1) Get organised

Take the time to clear out your make up stash, chuck out all those empty perfume bottles and bin those nasty old brushes that you’ve been holding on to for no reason. Get it done now in preparation for the new year.

I’ve put this at the very top of my list because this is one of the things I absolutely need to get done in the next few days. I know for a fact I’ve got some dried up mascaras and empty foundation bottles cluttering up my dressing room.

2) Do some surveys

If you’re lucky enough to have a lot of time off at this time of year like do, I imagine you’re doing quite a bit of TV viewing. If that’s the case, why not factor in some paid surveys? You can do them during the adverts or in-between binging boxset episodes. Chances are you won’t earn loads, but you could make a nice little bit of extra cash or earn some vouchers whilst sitting in your PJ’s which is always a winner.

Some of my favourite survey apps are Curious Cat, YouGov, Shoppix and Quick Thoughts. Each one is slightly different to the next and payouts vary. You can read a bit more about survey apps and lots of other tips here.

3) Clear out your cupboards

My cupboards started the year neatly organised with a place for everything… They now look like I’ve just chucked things in without giving it much thought – mainly because I have! Some are now like a game of Buckeroo with items delicately balanced on top of each other.

Organise one cupboard at a time, take everything out and give the cupboard a quick clean. When restocking your cupboard, get rid of those items you’ve not bothered to use, you could donate them to friends, family or to a local food bank collection.

4) Raid your wardrobe

The same can apply to your wardrobe; go through and take out anything you’ve not wore in the last 6-12 months. Organise the items in to piles of things that you forgot you had that you will definitely wear and things to donate.

You could make a third pile of items that you could give or even swap with friends. There is also the option list things on Depop, Shpock and eBay if you wanted to raise a few extra funds. Either way, you’ll have cleared some much needed space in your wardrobe

5) Read that book!!

How many times have we all promised ourselves we would sit down at the end of a long day and read at least a chapter of a book? I know I have but often I’ve not got round to doing much reading this year. In summer I bought ‘Never Greener’ by Ruth Jones for the bargain price of 10p, it’s currently gathering dust along with my other books.

I’m going to take this opportunity to find some quiet time to relax and disappear in to a book and I hope you can find the time over to do the same. Even if you manage to fit in a chapter before bed you’ll find it really helps you to relax and unwind which is important at this weirdly hectic time of year.

What things do you do to fill in the weird gap between Christmas and New Year? Let me know in the comments or over on my Instagram page

Thrifty Clair x


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