Here’s ten things you can spend time doing to save money…

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1 – Search for a discount code

This is such a quick and easy way to find potential savings. Two of my favourite sites are Vouchercloud and Vouchercodes, both have some amazing deals and discounts that take seconds to find. If you’re a student (or if you live with one) then get signed up for Unidays and StudentBeans as they give fantastic money off codes.

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2 – Do a price comparison

If you’re going to buy something, quickly search for it to check that you’re getting it for the cheapest price. For something as simple as groceries, use Mysupermarket. If it’s insurance head to the likes of Moneysupermarket. If there isn’t a specific comparison site, simply search for the item on Google to check that you’re getting it for the best price possible.


3 – Get cashback

This could be cashback on groceries using apps like Shopmium, Checkoutsmart or Green Jinn, they give cashback on a variety of food, drink and household items. For any online shopping you can go through Quidco or Topcashback as they have cashback deals on loads of retailers. It’s worth checking the details of the membership for these sites as they sometimes charge around £5 per year for premium memberships which is deducted from your cashback.

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4 – Check for additional deals

If you find an item that is on an amazing deal, don’t assume that’s the best offer available. There are some sites that allow you to use multiple discount codes, Argos, H&M and Pets at Home are just some that allow this so always try to stack your deals!

5 – Look for a cheaper alternative

So many discount retailers make amazing products that are identical to the premium brands. Aldi have an amazing Lacura range of cosmetics and beauty products as well as some Jo Malone style home fragrance products! We applied this to shopping for wedding rings, Shane wanted a brushed Titanium ring for £80 on the high street, after a quick search I found an identical one for just £32.89!

PhotoGrid_1553360632300.jpg6 – Write a Shopping list

Plan what you need when you’re go shopping, that way you’re less likely to impulse buy those sneaky offers that appear on the ends of the aisles. There are other Supermarket Tricks that you can read about HERE.

7 – Cook from scratch

There are so many cheap and easy recipes available online that everyone can make. If you have a slow cooker this makes cooking from scratch even easier as it’s a case of just chucking your ingredients in and letting it do it’s thing. I’m putting together a series of cheap and tasty recipes so keep and eye out for those over the next few months.


8 – Make your lunch to take to work

Take the time to prepare your lunch to take to work. Those five-ten minutes of effort will be worth it when you’re saving money and not having to queue up in the canteen or at the local sandwich shop. What would you prefer: spending £3-£5 a day on a meal deal or spending five to ten minutes making a packed lunch or pasta salad?

9 – Do a survey

Download a survey app and start earning in your free time, they don’t pay out huge amounts but it all tots up! So it’s well worth spending five or ten minutes completing a survey or two whilst your on the bus or when you’re having a brew after work.

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10 – DIY

Get creative and do a bit of DIY, it could be giving your garden a makeover or having a go at upcycling a piece of furniture. It doesn’t have to be big DIY projects that can save you money, something as simple as doing your own hair, makeup or nails for a night out can save you loads! There are tonnes of tutorials online so have a look and see if you can learn a new skill that can save you money.


Just so you’re aware, there are affiliate links in this post, if you click on a link and use one of my referrals I will get credit or cashback thanks to you using that link. Of course, you’ll be saving money too so it’s win/win!

I’m sure there are lots of other things you can spend time doing that save money, so let me know in the comments of over on my Instagram!

Happy Money Saving,

Thrifty Clair x


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