I know lots of people are sceptical about cashback apps and I’ve heard so many opinions on them from people that have never used them. So I’ve busted five common myths about using cashback apps to hopefully convince you to download one and start saving!

(This post contains referral codes – you can read more about what that means here)

Cashback apps are time consuming…

Wrong, they’re quick and easy to use! It really is a matter of quickly scrolling through the app to see if there are any products that appeal to you. Once you’ve bought the item, simply take a picture of the receipt and submit the offer!


They only have offers on junk food…

Nope! There are a huge number of products from toiletries, cleaning products, fresh produce to frozen and loads more. There are of course items that fall into the junk food category but you’d be amazed at what you can actually get cashback on. I’ve had Gillette Razors, bleach, shower gel, Greek yogurt, dog food, coffee, tea, cereal and loads more!


It takes too long to get your money back…

This really isn’t the case, in my two year cashbacking experience I’ve had cashback paid within 24 hours. Some companies take a little bit longer as they only do payment runs once a week but even so, that means you’re waiting a maximum of 10 days to get your money back. In my experience, I’ve never waited longer than a week.


It’s embarrassing to use cashback apps…

No one is going to know that you’re getting cashback on your groceries – unless you post about it all over Instagram like I do. It’s simply a case of uploading a receipt in the privacy of your home and that’s it! It’s perfect for anyone who wants to save but doesn’t want to head to the checkout with coupons and vouchers.


It’s not worth the effort…

Not in my opinion because not only does it help me save, it helps me help others! Last week I checked a deal on my app whilst near my local Morrisons, I nipped in, picked up the items on offer then uploaded my receipt when I got home. The cashback was available the next morning and for that very small effort I managed to get twenty packs of pasta bake sauce for just £1 after cashback! I kept a few packs and the rest have since been donated to a local food bank. Minimal effort for something that has benefited me and people in my local community.


It’s not worth it as you buy things you’d never normally buy…

This is one of those statements that I both agree and disagree with. Firstly, it can be true that you end up buying things you don’t need or that you spend more for items that you could get cheaper elsewhere. It’s important to only buy things that you’ll use that work out at a great price after cashback. However, there are exceptions to this, if an item is free (as in 100% cashback) then I always give it a go as it’s a great way to try products. If it’s an item I can’t use, I donate it or pass it on to a friend or relative to make the most of.

My favourite app at the moment is Shopmium, you can use my referral code ACKHCAFY and you’ll get a bonus freebie and I’ll receive £3 credit on my account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. You can also read up on some more basic information on how cashback apps work HERE.

I will also be featuring on ITV’s Tonight programme on Thursday 16th May at 7:30pm where I will be showing you just some of the fantastic things I’ve managed to get thanks to cashback apps!

Happy Cashbacking,

Thrifty Clair x


13 thoughts on “Cashback Apps – Mythbusting

  1. Hi, for those whove tried my referral code and it won’t work, I’ve I’ve changed the link so hopefully it’ll be okay now. All I can think is it might be the amount trying to use it.

    If it still doesn’t work, try the code: 86b5z

    If neither work, don’t worry, you can still access the app and get some brilliant bargains.


  2. What about online shopping? I rarely get out to supermarket, shops etc due to health problems. I don’t have a car and live on my own so do the majority of my shopping (probably 80%) online. Can I use cashback apps with the way I shop?


    1. Checkoutsmart does online grocery offers too so it’s definitely worth looking into. Not only that, you could go through Quidco or Topcashback and earn a little extra that way too.


  3. Hey Clair. Tried to use your referral link for Shopmium but it’s not working. Would like you to get your credit rather than me going direct. Can you fix the link or post it here? Thanks. Nigel. Ps came here after seeing you on ITV tonight.


    1. Please could you list the most useful and reliable cashback apps? After a quick scan on my App Store there’s a lot of conflicting reviews.
      Thanks in advance 🙂


  4. I never could understand how cash back worked i thought you had to buy online. I just saw you on tv which led me here. I had already tried shopimum but thought it useless. Trying it again i alredy use shoppix which is great and i am on my way to 20 quid. Going to check outbthe rest of your site. Thanks


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