Papier £15 off referral links…


You can get £15 off your first order with Papier, there’s no minimum spend or subscription needed so it’s a fab offer. Papier sell personalised cards, note books, calendars and loads more! I got four birthday cards for £1.50 including delivery.

If you use a referral link, not only do out get £15 off, the person who referred you also gets £15 on their account to use on future purchases! I’ve had a few of my followers use my referral code so now I’m sharing others!

If you’d like £15 off, click one of the links in the comments below, if you could add a comment to say you have used it that would be brilliant!

You can also add your link in the comments once you’ve placed an order. I’d love to hear what items you get using your discount on so let me know. Once you’ve ordered, don’t forgot to share you code with friends so you can earn credit too.

If you don’t get an email with your code after signing up, try clicking another link as that sometimes pushes it through. For some reason, it can be a bit hit and miss.

I’ve ordered some wedding prints, a photo book and diary. I’m so grateful for everyone that used my link which is why I am happy to share others. I know some of my friends and followers have already had some credit to treat themselves too which is amazing!

Happy shopping,

Thrifty Clair x

Savvy Shopping – Beating the Supermarket


It’s not a coincidence that the bread and milk are nowhere near each other in the likes of Asda, Tesco and even Lidl. The idea is you have to navigate a labyrinth of temptation just to get that much-needed pint of milk and loaf of wholemeal bread.

That’s because supermarkets are designed to make you spend more! If you’re savvy enough, you can avoid paying more than you need to.


Back to Basics


I’ve been thinking about when I first started saving money back in 2010. I realised that maybe some of my money saving techniques – like bulk buying, cashback apps, Groupon deals and printing coupons – won’t work for everyone so I want to take it back to basics…

Thrifty Clair’s Top Tips & Tricks!


This post contains lots of the little things I do to save money on a day to day basis. These little things have helped me change my spending habits, pay off debts and save to buy my first house. So if you want to start your debt free or saving journey, start by reading this post!

Exclusive Buxom Beauty Event!


Last night I had the opportunity to attend an exclusive Buxom Cosmetics event at Debenhams in Bury. You might be wondering how this fits into money saving when Buxom are a premium brand, continue reading to find out…