The Cheshire Ice Cream Farm VIP Pass!

Here is an amazing deal for anyone with kids living in the North West!

The Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire has some amazing rides and attractions as well as a huge selection of delicious ice cream! They currently have their £100 VIP pass on offer for just £50!


That works out at just 50p a ride rather than the usual price of £3.75! The pass can be used across various visits and on any number of children over the age of 3. The pass also gets 10% off Ice Cream!


This would make a perfect Christmas gift for any family! You can get the VIP pass here.

Happy Sunday,


Thrifty Clair x


Money Saving Meal Deal!

IMG_0143Tonight, I want to tell you about a brilliant meal deal from The Co-Op Food. Every month they do a frozen meal deal for just £5! The deal offers five products to make an evening meal – including desert – that would easily feed a family of four.

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