IMG_0143Tonight, I want to tell you about a brilliant meal deal from The Co-Op Food. Every month they do a frozen meal deal for just £5! The deal offers five products to make an evening meal – including desert – that would easily feed a family of four.

This months offer is right up my street, it contains; a Goodfellas Italiano cheese pizza, McCain lightly spiced potato wedges, Co-Op battered onion rings, two Co-Op garlic baguettes and a tub of Cadbury toffee wholenut ice cream.


The total price for the five items at The Co-Op should have been £11.58! I’ve had a quick look on MySupermarket, the comparable shop on these items ranges from £6.41 at Aldi right up to £9.65 at Asda. All the other supermarkets come somewhere in between those prices so this really is a bargain.


I have bought a few of the different deals and either use the lot for a large meal for friends or family or use some bits and use the rest with other meals. The plan for the deal I bought today is to enjoy on Saturday with Shane and a couple of friends. I’ll also be indulging in glass of wine or two whilst watching The Eurovision Song Contest… I’m hugely excited and not at all ashamed!

If this particular deal doesn’t really suit you, keep your eye out for the next one. They quite often have items from brands like Aunt Bessie’s, Harry Ramsden, Birdseye, Little Italy, McCain, Goodfellas, Chicago Town, Carte D’or, Haagen Dazs and Cadbury. Main dishes tend to be things like battered fish, fish fingers, chicken grills, lasagna, pies and so on. Side dishes consist of items such as corn on the cob, peas, mash, waffles, croquettes, mixed veg, chicken bites and chips. Deserts vary from jam roly poly and arctic roll, multi-packs of individual ice creams or tubs of ice cream. You can find the latest meal deal info HERE.


BONUS DEAL: If you’re a student with an NUS card, you get an extra 10% off this deal making it just £4.50!

Happy Shopping (and eating),


Thrifty Clair x


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