Ladies that Lunch… on a budget!

How to have an indulgent day outIMG_0389without feeling guilty about the cost!

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Veeno – The Italian Wine Cafe


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I made the most of my first birthday freebie last week at Veeno, the Italian wine cafe. If you’ve read my last post about birthday freebies you’ll know that Veeno give you a free wine tasting experience on your birthday which is usually £19.90 per person. Here is everything you might need to know before booking yours!

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Birthday Eve Troubles!

It’s the day before my birthday and I’m frazzled! I’m not particularly excited about my birthday because I’m working and I’m bloody knackered!! What’s worse is I’ve had one of those evenings where anything and everything goes wrong!

I’ve made so many silly mistakes this evening that my head is battered! It started with a trip to Asda for a few bits to make teriyaki chicken which I’ve been craving all week. I got home and went to take the chicken out of the fridge to find I only had one tiny chicken breast left. It was then that I also realised I forgot to pick up milk. That’s means no coffee and that equals a grumpy Clair.

I decided instead to make a basic bolognese for tea to save time as I now needed to go back out. I decided to drive to Home Bargains where I’ve been sooooo many times before… Somehow I managed to drive through a red light; at least I think I did. I swear this part of the road has always been give way but BAM up pops a red traffic light when it was too late for me to stop. On a positive note I managed to get everything I went out for including a few other items I also remembered I needed.

Once I arrived back at home I quickly chucked a bit of mince in a pan for the bolognese. Luckily I had one portion of homemade sauce left from a large batch I made last week, it just needed to be added to the mince along with a bit of seasoning. Somehow, my old faithful recipe went horribly wrong and tasted awful! I have no idea what I did wrong.

At this point I decided it was time to walk away from the kitchen and I’m now contemplating getting a Domino’s. As a way to forget about everything that had gone a bit wrong this evening I decided to wrap some presents, no not for myself, for my friend Jess who celebrated her birthday yesterday. The one redeeming feature of tomorrow is that we are having a joint birthday meal out at The Village Hotel. I thought I’d get her card and presents ready so it’s one less thing for me to do tomorrow. I was really pleased if not a little smug with my complimentary gift bag and tissue paper combination. I quickly grabbed a pen to write her card. I wrote, “To Shane”… “TO SHANE” as in my boyfriend. I have no spare birthday cards in the house and I’m definitely not going out for a third time. I’m sorry Jess, you’re having the card.

I’m going to try to salvage my evening with pizza, a Lush bath and I’m going to enjoy some wine! Once my birthday celebrations are complete, I’ll be sharing all my birthday freebies and deals that I’ve enjoyed. Hopefully there will be no more mess ups! Here’s to my last day being twenty-eight!

Happy Wednesday,


Thrifty Clair x

Sauvignon Blanc for £3.18 a bottle…

Mountain Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc is usually £4.75 a bottle at Tesco; it is currently on offer for just £4.25. I’ve bought this wine a few times before and it’s  quite tasty and refreshing. I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle too and it certainly doesn’t look or taste like it’s a budget bottle.


Tesco also have the ‘Buy 6 get 25% off’ deal on wine at the moment. This deal is only supposed to works on bottles priced over £4.35 each. For some reason this deal is still working on the discounted Mountain Vinyards Sauvignon Blanc. This takes the cost down to just £3.18 per bottle!


The minimum spend for online grocery orders is £40 (less than that incurs a £4 charge). Delivery prices start at £1 or you can opt for free click and collect. You might be able to make further savings if you have any Clubcard vouchers available to use! I’m not sure if this would work in store but it might be worth a go. Don’t forget, if you order an item online and the store has run out, you will get a substitution of greater value so there is always a chance of ending up with an even better bargain.

You can also add a free box of Special K Nourish (£3.99) using the code: GRKLGY and a free loaf of  Hovis Wholemeal bread (£1) using the code: GRGMNL. Both items can be claimed by entering the code at the checkout; this is the same place you add Clubcard voucher codes.

Happy shopping,


Thrifty Clair x