For years it has been tradition that I have wine and pizza on a Friday evening. Tonight that tradition continues with the help of a few supermarket deals.


I usually get my wine from Tesco but tonight I ventured instead to Morrisons and I wasn’t disappointed. I stumbled across a new range of wines called Head Honcho that had some pretty labels. They are £6.50 but  currently on a two for £9 offer making them £4.50 each! I bought myself a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc and a bottle of Pinot Noir. I’ll be enjoying one tonight and saving  one for another time (probably tomorrow).



I couldn’t leave Shane out of my Friday tradition but I’m not a fan of sharing wine. I noticed I had a couple of offers for some craft beer on my Checkoutsmart app. The deal gave 75p cashback on bottles of Maltsmiths IPA and Pilsner, with the option to claim each offer up to three times. I took full advantage buying three bottles of each costing £9, I uploaded my receipt as soon as I got home and had my receipt processed within thirty minutes. After cashback the six bottles of beer cost just £4.50!



I spotted this meal deal at the weekend whilst out shopping with my mum, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it for Friday’s tea. Iceland are currently doing a Chicago Town £5 meal deal that gets you a large stuffed crust pizza, a side dish AND A DESSERT PIZZA! The items would usually cost £7, the pizzas are £3.50, sides £1.50 and dessert pizzas are £2.


There is a choice of 3 Pizzas; we opted for the Manhattan Meaty pizza which is exclusive to Iceland. It’s the same as the New Yorker style one they used to make, it has BBQ sauce, ham, bacon, mushroom and pepperoni. We chose spicy potato wedges for our side dish, the other choices are dough balls or deep dish garlic bread pizzas. There are two dessert pizzas to choose from, a sharing chocolate sweet pizza or two individual deep dish salted caramel sweet pizzas. Our local Iceland had run out of chocolate pizzas so we got the caramel ones.


You might be thinking that this sounds like a lot of food for just two people and so do I! I reckon this deal would easily feed a family of four especially if you put a bit of salad with the main and get the chocolate pizza for pudding. Chances are I’ll be stuffed after some wedges and a few slices of pizza. I’m already planning on saving my dessert pizza for another night (it would definitely go down a treat whilst watching Bake Off on Tuesday).

In total, our Friday night in has cost us just £14! I think that’s brilliant for a bottle of wine, six craft beers, a large pizza, potato wedges and two dessert pizzas! I’m now going to go and put the food in the oven, put on some comfy clothes and then pour myself a glass of wine. As it’s Friday and the weekend I’ll be ignoring the huge amount of calories I am about to consume!

Happy Wine, Pizza & Beer Friday,


Thrifty Clair x


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