If you buy groceries, which I’m guessing you do, you need to start using cashback apps!

Cashback apps are a savvy shoppers easy way to make savings at the supermarket. They are all simple and easy to use, you see what offers are available and appeal to you, go shopping and buy the relevant item then upload a picture of your receipt. It’s that easy!


Checkoutsmart, Clicksnap, Shopitize and Shopmium are just some of the apps I have used. Of course there are others out there but these are some of my favourites. Some apps work better on different phones, others can’t be used together and some have better offer than others. It’s a bit of trial and error to start with but well worth it. Usually, cashback is collected in your app and can be transferred directly to your bank or PayPal account when you have a set amount available. Some apps have a small transfer fee whilst others are free. You’ll quickly work out which app works best for you.


Key rules for using cashback apps:

  • If it’s free, get it, try it or donate it! Lots of new products tend to be free or offer the biggest discounts.
  • Make sure you’ve got the correct items. Check it’s the right flavour, size or variety. Buying an incorrect item will cost you!
  • Let your cashback build up before you withdraw it. This helps to avoid withdrawal fees and means you get a nice little lump sum to treat yourself or put into savings.
  • Check the T’s&C’s to avoid your claims being declined.


One of the best offer I’ve ever had was forty boxes of fruit tea for free! Yep, ABSOLUTELY FREE!! You’re probably wondering what I did with forty boxes of fruit flavoured tea; I kept just eight boxes, and took the rest to a local food bank. It felt good that my bargain hunting ways were able to help other in need. another amazing offer I got was sixty tins of Butchers dog food for just £8 when it should have cost £35!  Poppy was overwhelmed by the stack of food in her cupboard so even pets can benefit for thrifty shopping tricks. Both of these purchases were a combination of in store promotions and cashback deals that allowed multiple claims for the same item. Keep your eye out for these sorts of deals as they aren’t always available.


Finally, my favourite type of offer: free booze! Yes, you can really get free alcohol! My most recent Checkoutsmart shop included four large bottles of beer and cider, sixteen Richmond sausages, a pack of Birdseye peri peri chicken grills and a tray of twelve doughnuts. My total before cashback was £15.17 – that included the cost of two bags for life because I am still hopeless at remembering to take my own! Anyway, after cashback my total was just £3.41!!! All those products (including lots of beer) totted up to £11.76 of cashback.

I hope I’ve inspired you to give a cashback app a go, if not, a free bar of Lindt chocolate might sway you. To claim yours, download Shopmium now and use my referral code: ACKHCAFY.

Share your cashback deals, bargains and tips below.

Thrifty Clair x


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