Would you pay £26 for these cocktails? 


No? Me neither! I love a fancy cocktail but £13 for one is just too much, even with the fabulous surroundings and amazing views chucked in. I did however have a fabulous time at Cloud 23 on Monday afternoon, sipping on a glass of the appropriately named Vertigo cocktail and taking in the amazing views.


My guilt free “expensive” drinks were part of a brilliant Groupon deal, £19 for two cocktails and a bowl of nibbles. Still a little on the pricey side but as this is a local Groupon deal, you can get extra discount by using a promo code. I used one for an extra 20% off so it cost me just £15.20 which works out at roughly 48% off!


Vouchercloud or Hotukdeals usually have a good supply of codes to try out as they tend to be account or time specific. You might be thinking you’d die of shame going to somewhere like this using a Groupon, but don’t! It was so easy, I booked online, showed up and the waitress scanned the QR code from my app. No waving paper vouchers around or anything embarrassing. Plus, there were plenty of other people enjoying the same deal as us. It is proving to be a popular one!


So go on, treat yourself! After all, how often can you spend an afternoon looking out across Manchester from the comfort of a swanky bar, sipping fancy cocktails, munching on some delicious nibbles without the guilt of it costing an arm and a leg?

Groupon Cloud 23 cocktails:


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Vouchercloud discount codes:



2 thoughts on “Cloud 23: posh cocktails, great views and a bargain price!

  1. I love, love, love Groupon!
    And, no way would pay some ridiculous amount of money on cocktails when i can get a discount! As you said, you just show the discount on your phone, and voila! Nothing embarrassing, and its so simple!
    I think its just important for business that use Groupon to note that if they do give out these discounts, people might come use the discounts, but not necessarily come back again and pay full price……


    1. Exactly! I’ve been to places just because they were on Groupon meaning it was a lot cheaper and I’ve never been back since. However, there are a few places I’ve found via Groupon that I’m not a regular customer of because I loved it that much. It’s also a great way for new businesses to bring in customers. I always make sure I check out the company’s website first to make sure the Groupon deal is actually worth it before I buy and most of the time, it is!


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