I love a good wander around a car boot sale! There was a time I’d have been embarrassed to set foot in a car boot sale never mind buy anything. After going to one a few years ago with my boyfriend’s mum I now love them and it has become a bit of a tradition that we go to the one at the local park together. Like me, Julie also has an eye for a bargain so is great to go car booting with.

Car boot sales aren’t for everyone, Shane (my boyfriend) can’t stand them! He hates the idea of going and rummaging through other people’s things; I am quite happy to go and scope out a potential bargain. The only thing I don’t like is the crazy people who push to the front of stalls and try to haggle down every price.

I mainly look for household items, things like clocks, candle holders, wine racks, and photo frames to name a few. It’s a great place to find things to upcycle too, so don’t be out off if something isn’t the right colour or style, with a bit of paint most things can be transformed. Have a look at my last post all about upcycling for an idea of how old furniture can be transformed.

Today bargain find is one of my favourites. I spotted a lamp base tucked away on a stall, it had no shade but the base alone looked like it was a good quality one made from cut glass. When I asked the seller how much he wanted I was shocked when he said just 50p. I was amazed! Later, I suspected that maybe it was broken and that’s why it was so cheap. Once I got it home, I gave it a quick clean and tested it and to my delight, it worked! It even looked great with a shade from another lamp from my bedroom.

Now that the warm and sunny weather has arrived, have a look if there are any local car boot sales near you. Maybe take a friend or relative with you, make an afternoon of it and see what bargains you can find. Let me know what your best car boot sale bargains in the comments below.

Happy Car Booting,


Thrifty Clair x


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