Here is a quick craft for a Sunday afternoon that is cheap and easy to make!


These jar candles will add a touch of warmth to a cold December evening. As well as looking pretty they smell amazing! The heat from the candles releases some of the aroma from the coffee beans and the jars give off a warm glow perfect for a cosy winter evening.

What you’ll need:

  • Glass Jar
  • Tea light holder
  • Tea light
  • Coffee Beans


I am an absolute coffee addict and I drink a lot of Douwe Egberts. The empty jars are great for crafts so I always have a few stored away in the cupboard. I used the larger (190g) jars for my candles but the smaller (95g) ones would work just as well.

Tea light and holders:

Any old tea light holder will do as long as it fits into the jar. I got mine from Asda for 25p each and they were the perfect size for the jars I was using. I already had some tea lights in so no added expense there. You could also use votive candles that would burn for longer.

Coffee beans:

The Shopmium cashback app has an offer to try Taylor’s of Harrogate coffee beans for £1.50 a pack. I had £4.50 of referral credit in my account so I got the coffee beans for free! I bought two bags, each bag fills one 190g jar to the top or two 190g jars halfway. If you want to get some cheap coffee beans, find out about Shopmium click here, don’t forget to use my referral code ACKHCAFY for a free bar of Lindt chocolate.


  1. Remove labels from the jars and wash off the glue residue.
  2. Remove the plastic seal from the lid of the jar. You can do this using a spoon as a lever to prise it off or cut it off with some scissors.
  3. Fill the jar with coffee bean to the desired level.
  4. Push the tea light holder down into the beans until the top is level with the beans.
  5. Add a tea light candle and light!
  6. Use the lid to cover the candle when not in use or fill with a few beans and a tea light candle to make a mini jar candle.

You could go a step further and decorate the outside of the jar with some ribbon or washi tape. I have left mine plain as I like the look of the beans. These would also make a lovely gift for a coffee lover, you could personalise  the jar to make it more special.

Happy Crafting,


Thrifty Clair x



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