6 thoughts on “Thrifty Birthday – The Best Birthday Freebies, Deals and Treats!

  1. hats off to you – this is incredibly impressive freebie shopping! I thought I’d found a good selection but this is a whole other level – thanks so much for sharing. Do Hobbs always give vouchers for birthdays?! If so I need to get on that asap!


    1. Thank you, I am hoping to still grab a few of these this year but who knows what the rules for shops will be in June. Hobbs still do this so you should still be able to sign up and get a voucher. It just gets sent via email to use in store or online. There was an amazing deal I got last year that I didn’t include as they stopped allowing new sign ups, but it is £50 off at Michael Kors, no minimum spend as long as it’s a full priced item. I still get the offer as I signed up when it was active, I got a pair of sliders for £10 which I gifted to a friend.

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