Shane and I don’t really celebrate valentines day although we have done in the past. Instead, we use it as an excuse to eat some lovely food and drink a bit of wine. If you did want to mark the occasion but don’t want to fork out loads, here are ten things you can do for under £10!


1. Dine in for £10

IMG_20190210_143130 - Edited.jpg

I’ll start with a simple one, get a meal deal from your local supermarket. Don’t get the inflated valentines menu though that cost £15-£20, get the usual £10 one. My favourite is the Tesco one. If they have run out of wine on the meal deal (which seems to happen an awful lot at my local) feat not! You can simply select any Finest bottle of wine that costs up to £7, tell the cashier at the checkout that there is no wine left on the deal so you’ve selected this one as a substitute, they will simply amend the price.

It might be worth double checking with a manager first but in my experience the checkout staff are fully aware of this. I’ve done this the last two weeks and ended up with a much nicer bottle of wine on my meal deal, the one I selected is usually £8 but currently on offer for £7. Then it’s a case of bunging whatever you choose in the oven and enjoying a delicious meal and nice bottle of wine with your valentine.

2. Go to an Arcade

We have a change jar next to our front door that full of change, this is the ideal thing to bag up and take to a seaside arcade. We did this once one evening when we were bored and we ended up having a fab night winning loads of tickets in a Blackpool arcade. We ended the night with some chips in front of the setting sun and were serenaded by a very drunk Elvis impersonator which was absolutely hilarious.

3. Film Night at Home

Why not have an at home movie night? Get in your favourite snacks, buy some microwave popcorn (I recommend the 29p packs from Home Bargains) or even get a pick-n-mix of your favourite sweets.  You could have a movie marathon, watch some classics or pick and film you think your partner would enjoy.

You could get extra creative and create a little blanket fort to sit in to watch the films, or get all the cushions on the floor and bring down your duvet to get snuggled up. Then turn off all the lights, surround yourself with your snacks and enjoy some films in the comfort of your own home.

4. Have a dinner party

In the past, we have included our friends on Valentines day which sounds odd but it’s been brilliant. We have had a few couples dinner parties and they’ve been really enjoyable. If you want to do this, you can keep the costs down by asking each couple to bring a bottle of wine or some beers along with a course for the meal.

If you’re happy to host and cook a full three-course meal, you could always ask each couple of chuck in £10 each and you could buy everything needed for the evening. A simple antipasto style starter is both cheap and tasty. A Bolognese or lasagna makes for a great main and a ready-made cheesecake will certainly leaves bellies full and keep costs down.

5. Host a Games Night

Games like Mr and Mrs, Articulate, Cluedo, Monopoly and Cards Against Humanity are all fab for hours of fun. You’ll have a great evening with lots of fun and laughter without having spent much at all. Just get a few snacks and a couple of drinks and ask your guests to do the same.

6. Go to a Pub Quiz

If you want to get out of the house, why not find a local pub quiz. You could go as a couple or again, get a group of friends together. Most pubs charge around a £1 to join in a quiz so theres money to spare for a pint or glass or something tasty. There is the added bonus that you could win something too!

7. Do a Treasure Hunt

If the weather is not on your side, you could create an at home treasure hunt. Poundland currently have lots of cute Valentines goodies for – you’ve guessed it – one pound. You could hide the treats around the house and create some cryptic clues. They’ve got everything from mugs, love dice and floor sweeping slippers to appreciation notes and love scratch cards. For a few pounds you could definitely come up with a cute and creative way to spend the evening.

8. Explore your Local Area


If the weather is looking good, you could always go on a wonder of your local area. Find a local park or place of interest, take a picnic, take some pictures, take your dog or borrow a friends and go and do some exploring. You’ll feel great having got out and about after a dull and dreary January.

9. Make a Gift

If you still want to give a gift to show your love and appreciation of your partner, why not make a photo album or scrapbook. I did this for Shane on our very first Valentines day back in 2007! He still has it and it means more than all the other things we have bought each other over the years.

To keep costs down, make the most of some brilliant online deals, for example, Free Prints gives you 45 free prints each month, just pay for delivery which ranges from £1.49-£3.99. You can pick up a photo album for a pound or two at the likes of Poundland or Home Bargains.

You could also create a scrapbook containing pictures and other little memories. The Works have a great selection of scrapbook craft items for a few pounds. You could even include old cards, cinema or gig tickets and some hand written notes. You could even write down your favourite memories and jot down some ideas for future date nights.

10. Go for Ice Cream


If it’s good enough for the movies it’s good enough for a budget Valentines date. Find a local ice cream store or even better, Ice Cream Farm. Indulge in an over the top ice cream cone! Simple but a cute way to spend the day. If you’re in the North West like me I highly recommend Fredericks in Chorley or The Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall.


Happy Valentines Day,


Thrifty Clair x



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